(844) 780-3686
Serving Nicholas and parts of Webster County, West Virginia

Customer Rules and Regulations

  1. All trash must be set out by 6:00A.M. along with a customer identification sticker. We will not return to pick up trash not set out on time.
  2. Each household is allowed six (6) bags of solid waste. Every additional bag will cost $1.00 per bag. Customers must call and schedule extra pick-ups.
  3. Our policy states that each household must have a separate sticker and their own garbage pick-up location/(bin) in order to receive proper service.
  4. Please make trash bins no higher than 32 inches.
  5. A MAXIMUM 30 pounds per bag limit.
  6. Trash bags no larger than 32 gallon capacity may be used.
  7. Please DO NOT USE BLEACH on trash bags for animal control.
  8. Extra garbage will only be collected if prior arrangements are made with the office.
  9. Billing is done the first working day each month, and covers your prior month’s service.
  10. Service may be discontinued if payments are not received within 30 days of billing and payments will not be accepted on routes.
  11. Cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards are accepted forms of payment. Payments can be made online at nicholassanitation.com, by phone, or at the office.
  12. Place all broken glass in boxes to ensure the safety of our employees.
  13. Do Not place grass, leaves, or lawn trimmings in garbage, as the landfill will not accept.
  14. Please notify the office when discontinuing service.
  15. DO NOT place NEEDLES or SYRINGES in your garbage bags. Call for information on proper disposal.
  16. HOLIDAY NOTICE: Service on ALL holidays EXCEPT Christmas Day.
  17. Large household goods such as furniture and appliances are considered bulky goods. Bulky Goods MUST be scheduled by calling the office. Two items are allowed per month. Bulky goods do not include household garbage or yard and construction debris. FREON must be removed and tagged by a certified technician for all relevant appliances before disposal.