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Serving Nicholas and parts of Webster County, West Virginia

Tractor Trailer Tow March 2013

Glen’s Commercial Towing can get you out of any sticky situation. Here’s a wreck that we helped clean up. We specialize in commercial tractor trailer cleanup.

Tanker Tow September 2013

Glen’s Towing tows commercial vehicles of all kind. Check out this tow we did for a tanker we did last September.

RV Tow August 2014

We helped haul and clean up this overturned travel trailer. Glen’s towing is you go-to company for Commercial Towing.

Tractor Trailer Tow June 2014

Glen’s Towing specializes in towing commercial tractor trailers. If you’re in a tight spot like this guy was, give us a call. (304) 252-6287

Storage Container Tow

No matter how messy a job, Glen’s Towing will make it look like your crash never happened. Check out when we had to haul the contents of a storage container.

Tanker Truck Tow May 2014

Big Trucks need help too. Glen’s Towing can tow your commercial vehicle and get you out of any pickle, big or small.

Winter Tows

Glen’s Towing can tow commercial vehicles any time of the day, any day of the year, in any weather conditions. Check out these three trucks we helped tow in the snow last winter.

Tractor Trailer Tow May 2014

Whether on paved highway or on a windy dirt road, we can can help get your commercial vehicle “unstuck.” Here’s a tractor trailer we helped out of a rut in May.

Pallet Cleanup

Glen’s Towing specializes in commercial truck clean up. Last October, we helped out with this tractor trailer full of pallets that fell over at a transfer station. If you’re ever in a situation like this call (304) 252-6287 for assistance.